Major Hall Refurbishment

Federal Member for Deakin, Michael Sukkar, has announced that a re-elected Coalition Government will provide $160,000 of funding to upgrade the facilities at 7th Ringwood Scout hall.   

Michael at 7th Ringwood announcing funding

Mr Sukkar said the funding would ensure the ageing roof is replaced and provide for other necessary works.

“Scouts Victoria has done an exemplary job in maintaining their halls with limited support from all levels of government. The funding announcement today is only the first step, with support to upgrade all scout halls across the electorate to be rolled out over the near term”.

“Scouting provides an adventurous, challenging and fun program to youth in our local community and teaches our children life skills and leadership. Scouts are an important and active part of community, participating in food drives, habitat revegetation projects, fundraising for charities and first-aid volunteering at local events”, Mr Sukkar said. 

Mr Sukkar thanked Scouts Victoria for its tireless advocacy for these much-needed upgrades to the hall.

Region Commissioner, Gary Park, said it was great to work with Michael Sukkar MP on this because he has delivered on our immediate priorities.

“The funding announced today will provide for important upgrades to our halls and will improve the safety and useability of our facilties. We’re very grateful for the support Michael Sukkar has offered to all the scouts and parents at Scouts Victoria”, Mr Park said.

Major Hall Refurbishment