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It is time! Our Group has finished the Terrain planning and set up and we are now ready for you, our youth, to start using the system. Just a reminder Terrain is designed specifically for the New Program. If you are not sure what the new program is about, here is a great overview  video:

An exciting part of the new program is a digital system for you to track your achievements. Wherever you are, you will be able to access and enter all your achievements from a phone, tablet or computer for each stage of your journey in Scouting. You will be able contribute ideas for the program, plan what you would like to do next and monitor your achievements.

Logging in to Scouts Terrain for the first time?

Step 1

Visit Scouts Terrain at terrain.scouts.com.au   

You can use any device which has internet access including phone, tablet or computer.

Step 2

Select ‘VIC’ from the Select Branch drop down

Step 3

Type in your membership number

If you do not know this check on your Scout Card, membership certificate,

contact your Section Leader or Group Leader

Step 4

Enter your date of birth as your password initially in the format YYYY-MM-DD

e.g. if you were born on the 1st of June 2005 you will enter 2005-06-01 including the dashes

Step 5

Press the Log In Button

Step 6

You will be asked to enter your email address and create a new password. Remember to keep your

password safe!

You should now be logged in to Scouts Terrain! Start having a look around Basecamp.

If your Achievement Pathways has a lock against it this means your current level of achievement has not yet been loaded. Check with your section leader as when that may happen.


Forgotten your Password?

Click on the link on the home page and you should receive an email with a verification code. This will enable you to log in and reset your password.

Can’t Log In

Visit the tips and hints page by clicking on the ‘Can’t Log In’ link on the home page for support. If this doesn’t help, please lodge a support request.

Terrain App